Patten Law Firm: Attorneys at Law in Orlando, Florida is a small boutique litigation firm which has extensive experience in providing legal services to businesses and individuals throughout the State of Florida. The Orlando Firm is dedicated to the principal of providing valuable representation to its clients in an efficient and cost effective manner. In addition, the Firm is committed to maintaining strict adherence to the applicable Code of Ethics, and accomplishing the desired goals and results of its clients within these parameters.

The attorneys at Patten Law Firm in Orlando have close to 20 years of experience litigating disputes in all available forums: mediation, arbitration, trial and appeal. Past representation includes litigating disputes relating to real estate transactions and closings, purchase and sale agreements, construction and building contracts, joint venture agreements and personal service contracts. We have also provided aggressive representation in matters involving employment matters, corporate and partnership disputes, as well as disputes arising from claims made by disgruntled shareholders. The Firm also has extensive experience in securities and investor litigation and has been retained by numerous brokers and agents to provide advice and representation in various state regulatory matters and investigations.

Patten Law Firm: Attorneys at Law have also for the last decade been continuously committed to giving back to the community by providing pro bono support and representation to women and children who are victims of domestic violence. This representation has provided the Firm with experience in all areas of family law, including dissolution, marital settlement agreements, child support, and custody.

Lisa R. Patten

Lisa R. Patten, Esquire

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Alessandra Abrusci, Legal Assistant